KPIs for Google Adwords Campaigns – The Exciting Stuff!!

In an earlier blog post we touched on marketing KPIs in general and looked at digital marketing KPIs, more specifically.  With this post we’ll sharpen our focus a little further and talk about KPIs for Google Adwords campaigns.  My business partner gets totally geeked out on this types of KPIs..... In typical Google fashion, there [...]

Digital Marketing KPIs: Measure What Matters

Digital Marketing, by its nature, is conducive to measurement, which is excellent, but at the same time, all of that marketing data creates the real possibility of analytics overload. With the sheer abundance of data available from a business digital properties, the challenge becomes knowing what to measure and what to ignore. Fortunately, in the [...]

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing – Today!

Digital marketing used to be easy, at least in comparison to today. In the beginning, there were fewer elements to think about – emails to customers and prospects, your website that you optimized for search, and you may have also had Google AdWords campaigns running. In the early days of digital marketing that’s probably was [...]

Creating a Digital Marketing Roadmap for your Business

Building an honest digital marketing roadmap. Digital marketing spans a very wide range of considerations and it's frequently a source of frustration and confusion, from your website, social media and paid customer acquisition.  Within these buckets is an entire universe of things to consider.  This is where the problems begin for most business owners and [...]

How Do You Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategies in 2015 If you are responsible for the digital marketing strategies for your company, how do you decide what strategies make the most sense so you can get the best ROI on your marketing investment?  Well, on the surface, it can seem daunting, but if you take a step back, and look [...]

Advantages of Using a Smaller Digital Agency

Your company can benefit from the focus provided by a smaller agency! As we end 2014, and head into 2015, I was reading a blog about the advantages and disadvantages of different sized digital marketing agencies.  I will admit that there are fair arguments on both sides of the equation.  Let's discuss the advantages using a [...]

Using Heat Map Tracking to Enhance Your Website Analytics

Digital Marketing is Always Changing As a digital agency, we know that we need to keep changing as well.  This means adding knowledge and abilities to what we can offer our clients.  As a digital agency, our foundation is always in using data and analytics to evaluate and help clients make decisions about marketing strategies [...]

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