LTR Marketing Update Livestream 4/12/18

Zuckerburg Appears Before Congress and GDPR Approaches Rapidly. There was plenty of news to cover this week, but the biggest was Facebook's appearance before Congress.  While this certainly put Facebook in the spotlight, it's still too early to know or predict the long term impact on Facebook and other marketing channels like Google.  But it [...]

Strategy first in your Digital Marketing!

It’s Time To Realign Your Marketing Approach One of the most costly counter-productive things a business can do is to start rolling out individual marketing tactics without a strong strategic foundation and appropriate goals in place. Social Media, blogging, website design, paid digital media and email marketing ... if you don’t combine these individual tactics [...]

Creating a Digital Marketing Roadmap for your Business

Building an honest digital marketing roadmap. Digital marketing spans a very wide range of considerations and it's frequently a source of frustration and confusion, from your website, social media and paid customer acquisition.  Within these buckets is an entire universe of things to consider.  This is where the problems begin for most business owners and [...]

Mobile First Marketing – Google Partners Connect

We're well into 4th Quarter and our thoughts turn to consumer shopping behavior this time of year more.  Some recent studies revealed that 73% of consumers intend to do the majority of their shopping online and 22% express that they had no intention of visiting physical stores this year to do their holiday shopping.  But even [...]

Episode 1 of the LTR Digital Weekly Livestream

Digital Marketing News Livestream - Episode 1 Hello, Here's what we'll call episode 1 of our weekly Facebook Livestream.  Each week we'll cover topics making headlines in digital marketing and break it down in easy to digest and no BS terms. This week we tackled the dreaded "Shiny Object Syndrome" and how you can evaluate announcements [...]

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