Digital Marketing KPIs: Measure What Matters

Digital Marketing, by its nature, is conducive to measurement, which is excellent, but at the same time, all of that marketing data creates the real possibility of analytics overload. With the sheer abundance of data available from a business digital properties, the challenge becomes knowing what to measure and what to ignore. Fortunately, in the [...]

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing – Today!

Digital marketing used to be easy, at least in comparison to today. In the beginning, there were fewer elements to think about – emails to customers and prospects, your website that you optimized for search, and you may have also had Google AdWords campaigns running. In the early days of digital marketing that’s probably was [...]

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Traffic

Is your competition trying to steal your traffic? Chances are, the answer to that would be YES.  What's more shocking is that it may be happening in the last mile of the hard fought race for the website visitor. In the last few months, we've had at least two projects where we were asked by [...]

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Strategy first in your Digital Marketing!

It’s Time To Realign Your Marketing Approach One of the most costly counter-productive things a business can do is to start rolling out individual marketing tactics without a strong strategic foundation and appropriate goals in place. Social Media, blogging, website design, paid digital media and email marketing ... if you don’t combine these individual tactics [...]

Google Partners Connect

Livestream Event-May 2016 Well, in case you missed it...from lovely Minnetonka, MN.....LTR Digital Group hosted the most recent edition of Google Partners Connect livestream event.  This is an opportunity to learn several digital marketing tips directly from leading experts at Google. It is an opportunity to learn the value of digital marketing and how you [...]

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