Digital Marketing KPIs: Measure What Matters

Digital Marketing, by its nature, is conducive to measurement, which is excellent, but at the same time, all of that marketing data creates the real possibility of analytics overload. With the sheer abundance of data available from a business digital properties, the challenge becomes knowing what to measure and what to ignore. Fortunately, in the [...]

LTR Digital Podcast & Facebook Livestream

Did you know that you can catch LTR Digital LIVE every Thursday as well as on our weekly Podcast with Co-Host David Wang? You can watch our Facebook Livestream every Thursday at 12:30 CST Catch up on the latest digital marketing news and announcements in real time as well as ask your questions about digital [...]

Should My Business Use Facebook for Marketing?

Who will really see my post on my business fan page in Facebook? I don't want to get into the technicalities of Facebook's algorithm.  If you were to read some of the comments on various blogs on the subject, you will see various opinions.  So let's stay high level with some generally accepted figures.  In [...]

Using Heat Map Tracking to Enhance Your Website Analytics

Digital Marketing is Always Changing As a digital agency, we know that we need to keep changing as well.  This means adding knowledge and abilities to what we can offer our clients.  As a digital agency, our foundation is always in using data and analytics to evaluate and help clients make decisions about marketing strategies [...]

Display Advertising for the Bottom of the Funnel!

Well, we covered top and mid-funnel strategies when utilizing programmatic ad marketing as you look to fill your funnel with prospective customers.  Now, let's discuss the bottom of the funnel and how you can direct your campaigns to this audience. Bottom of Funnel (BOF) Display Advertising When you finally get to this type of advertising, [...]

How to Use Display Advertising in the B2B Marketing World

B2B Buying Process--Where is it at today? Wow, where do you start?  The world of digital marketing in the B2B world is constantly changing and evolving.  There is marketing automation to social media strategies to paid media strategies to content marketing.  But what is the best way to reach your prospects?  B2B prospects are getting [...]

The State of SEO in 2014, and LTR Digital’s thoughts on it

I attended a MeetUp (Minnesota SEOs) in the Twin Cities last night that was discussion what SEO will look like in 2014.  It was a great meeting with many contributors and it was moderated by Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media at (his slides) the Deluxe Corporation. Before I get into some of the highlights [...]

Improve your sales pipeline via social media

Recent surveys have shown the positive return on investment (ROI) of social media for sales teams. Our own data has shown that sales teams selling through their own personal social channels can outperform selling efforts through corporate-owned social channels by three times on LinkedIn and by 12 times on Twitter. What are the common trends [...]

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