Why Do You Need a Competitive Analysis Now

Going into the end of the year is the ideal time to take a look at the competitive landscape of your website and get insights about new competitors that have entered into the picture over the past year as well as looking at how your known competitors are performing.

Now, more than ever, your online presence plays a vital role in connecting with new customers. in the year ahead.

A competitive analysis can reveal what your competitors are doing online and how their marketing strategies may have shifted as a result of the covid recovery and changing economy. It can also reveal where your competitors may be missing opportunity to help you capture potential customers they may be missing.

What Can you Learn from a Competitive Analysis

  • Reveal top players in your market
  • Learn total market traffic trends and the online market share of competitors
  • See where your rivals concentrate most of their marketing efforts and how they’re driving customer acquisition.
    • Organic Traffic
      • See what websites are competing with for the top positions in Google
      • Learn about your competitors’ most successful SEO practices
      • See their keyword strategies
    • Paid Traffic
      • Find out who your main paid search competitors are
      • See the keywords they are bidding on
      • See their ad texts and what they’re advertising
      • See if your competitors are using display advertising and Analyze the texts and banners your competitors are using

A competitive analysis from LTR Digital Group can help you see the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and reveal where you may need to bolster your marketing efforts. It’s your first step in building a strong marketing strategy and getting started is easy, simple complete the form below and we’ll contact you to gather the needed information to create a custom analysis for your business.  There is a small investment for this.  Anything that is free, is, well, you know how that goes.  We’ll talk about it.


If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a website audit or if you’ve never had one, you may also want to look at that here.

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