Well, we covered top and mid-funnel strategies when utilizing programmatic ad marketing as you look to fill your funnel with prospective customers.  Now, let’s discuss the bottom of the funnel and how you can direct your campaigns to this audience.

Bottom of Funnel (BOF) Display Advertising

When you finally get to this type of advertising, you should have a robust, increasing pool of target prospects that are buying into your marketing messages.  Maybe they want to share your information, give you some personal information for a free trial, fill out a form to download a case study or whitepaper.  Or, in a best case scenario, actually reach out to you so you can help fill a need or solve a problem!

BOF display advertising absolutely includes re-targeting and keyword targeting.  Your goal is to move these prospects from “consideration” to “conversion”.

BOF Strategies

Prospect re-targeting:  If you properly set up the original campaign, you dropped a pixel on them and now you can re-target them in various platforms that they visit on the internet.

Website re-targeting:  If they visited your website, and, again, if you set up the campaign correctly, you utilize display ads to re-target them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) re-targeting:  Since you may already have this resource in place, this strategy allows you to target ads to these valuable prospects.  It really gives you a chance to reach them beyond their email inbox.

Keyword targeting:  This strategy allows you to combine search with display in order to reach audiences with display ads after they have performed a search using specific keywords.  Using this strategy will help you catch your audience while they are thinking about relevant topics in order to make that just in time impression.

BOF Metrics

So, how the heck are you going to measure your success of BOF campaigns?  Well, here are a few ways to monitor your success:

Leads:  You can look at this from a total leads generated standpoint, or on a cost per lead standpoint. You worked hard at the top and mid-funnel to build awareness and trust, so the content the prospect is exposed to and consumes at the bottom is the type of content they are willing to provide personal info for by filling out a form.

Contact Form increase:  From baseline, measure the increase in the number of “Contact Us” forms are submitted.  Even consider utilizing a track-able phone number.

Revenue contribution:  Now, this is similar to monitoring increases to the pipeline, but you can easily tie these types of campaigns by analyzing the increases in opportunities as they turn to closed business.

Quick Review of Display Advertising Throughout the Sales Funnel

Top of Funnel Impact:  Brand awareness!

Middle of Funnel Impact:  Content engagement and education!

Bottom of Funnel Impact:  Lead generation and sales conversions!

There you have it.  Display advertising really used to be a game played by the big boys who had 10’s of thousands of dollars to play with.  In today’s world, with Real Time Bidding (RTB), companies of all sizes can play in this game and utilize it to increase awareness, engagement and most importantly, sales!

If you have any questions or would like to explore how display can work for your company, feel free to contact us here at LTR Digital Group….we will help you to determine if this is a strategy you should employ!