Digital Marketing News Livestream – Episode 1


Here’s what we’ll call episode 1 of our weekly Facebook Livestream.  Each week we’ll cover topics making headlines in digital marketing and break it down in easy to digest and no BS terms.

This week we tackled the dreaded “Shiny Object Syndrome” and how you can evaluate announcements and innovations.

The take-away?  Don’t be too quick to label something as a shiny object until you’ve looked at it through the lens of your current or desired business objectives. You may miss out on an opportunity that can better help drive success in your business objectives.

We then looked at the recent announcement from Twitter that will help businesses using Twitter for customer support.  Twitter will now highlight those Twitter accounts that provide customer service via Twitter.  This new feature will be rolling out across accounts over the next few weeks and to update your businesses Twitter profile to highlight the fact that you’re providing customer support on Twitter, you’ll need to make a few updates to your settings.  You can learn more about that here.

You can catch our weekly Facebook Livestream every Wednesday at 12:30 Central and catch replays here on our blog or on our Facebook Profile.