Get Your Business On the Map (GYBO)!

LTR Digital Group recently partnered with B.E.E.R (no, not that BEER) to help businesses get their business on Google Maps.  B.E.E.R actually stand for 4 Chamber of Commerce’s in the southwest metro of Minneapolis (Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, & Richfield).  GYBO is Google’s effort to help businesses grow.

Google is helping to support this effort to help businesses understand the importance of having their Google Maps listing updated, optimized and verified.  Google estimates that approximately 30% of companies across the country have gone through this process.  Google also estimates that 95+% of searchers use maps to find businesses that can provide the goods and services they are looking for.  That is unbelievable.

new google logo

So, special thanks to the Bloomington campus of Bethel University for hosting, and to the various Chambers for recruiting their members to this event.  It was well attended and engaging crowd.

For those that want to review some of the information that was presented, here are links to the videos that will help you to walk through the process of verifying your business with Google Maps.

Click here to see if your business is on the map

Introduction video (1:38)

GYBO Overview (7:29)

GYBO Step by Step (5:03)

Here’s the Express Verification Form that was also shared with the group

If you are reading this, and you are associated with a business group that can benefit from this type of event, let us know and we can walk you though the process.

It is time for YOU to get your BUSINESS on the MAP!!