Livestream Event-May 2016

Well, in case you missed it…from lovely Minnetonka, MN…..LTR Digital Group hosted the most recent edition of Google Partners Connect livestream event.  This is an opportunity to learn several digital marketing tips directly from leading experts at Google.

It is an opportunity to learn the value of digital marketing and how you can expand your online prescience through more effective digital marketing strategies and, ultimately, GROW your business.

Google Partner PNG

In this edition, there were 2 speakers.  Aditi Manwani, Product Marketing Manager at Google talked about the power of mobile and mobile consumer behavior.  She also discussed the power of winning the “micro-moments”.  The second speaker was Fred Valleays, CEO of Optimyzer.  He has an extensive background in Google Adwords and discussed “10 Ways to Grow Your Business Online”.

If you did miss it, no worries!  You can watch the whole presentation HERE.  But, don’t think that this replaces the value of the live events we host.  In the live environment, we always have a Q&A session at the end.  This is where a ton a value is gained since you have an opportunity to ask questions, and learn for others at the event.

If you have questions after watching this event, or if you would like a free initial consultation around your specific digital marketing goals. feel free to contact us.