Digital Marketing Strategies in 2015

If you are responsible for the digital marketing strategies for your company, how do you decide what strategies make the most sense so you can get the best ROI on your marketing investment?  Well, on the surface, it can seem daunting, but if you take a step back, and look at some basics, it may not seem as difficult as it appears.

The greatest aspect of digital marketing as opposed to tradition marketing is that you can not only target a specific audience, you can measure everything you are doing.  Can you do that with a billboard?  A radio commercial?  A newspaper ad?  Online strategies allow for more effective tracking than traditional marketing.

Here are some base questions to answer:

  • Is business focused on B to B or B to C?
  • What are the buyer personas of your customer?
  • Where does your audience (buyer personas) “hang out” on the internet?


Image result for picture of a sales funnel

Start with answering those 3 basic questions, and then your can start to look at different strategies to attract the right type of audience to your digital assets.  Without getting too deep into the sales process or the sales funnel, it is important to understand how different strategies can impact the way you are going to attract a particular audience and get them into your sales funnel.

Also, look at it this way.  There are 2 types of audiences that use the internet:  1.  The problem aware, and, 2.  The problem unaware.  There are distinct strategies to attract each of these audiences.   Then, after answering the base questions above, you have a starting point for developing a solid foundation for your digital marketing plan.

As a Google Partner Agency, we are very much in tune with how to attract the “problem aware” and “problem unaware” audiences.  And, just as important, we know how to understand the data in order to help make data driven decisions for our clients in order for them to get the most our of their digital marketing strategies.

If you need help, or have questions, feel free to contact us at LTR Digital Group!