In many cases, through building a relationship with our clients, we end up becoming as much a Trusted Digital Advisor as we do a digital agency that creates and executes digital campaigns.  Much of that comes as a result of our focus on education and sharing knowledge with clients.  This becomes as critical to success of a digital strategy as the tactics themselves and, there are many reasons behind this strategy.

  1. We believe the more knowledge we can share with clients, the more we can empower them to become more involved in their digital strategies.
  2. Once a client feels confident enough to become active in creating their digital strategies, the more confident they become in understanding how to budget, what to budget and to what they’re getting for their marketing dollar.
  3. They begin to make data-driven decisions about their marketing
  4. Once a business owner, CMO or brand manager feels comfortable with their knowledge around digital marketing and becomes more confident in their understanding of the strategies we’re delivering and the tactics we’re implementing, the alchemy behind digital is removed and trust is the end result.

While it can be a challenge for a busy business owner to gain an immersive understanding of digital marketing tactics, it’s important that they have a good general understanding so they can recognize false promises or something that just might be to good to be true.
This focus on knowledge and education is core of our client relationships. It’s also a reason that we value our relationship with Google as a Google Partner.  Because Google also shares a commitment to education for marketers and business owners.  From hosting Google Partner Connect events or conducting workshops with local Chambers to teach their member businesses how to create, claim and manage their Google Maps listings, everything we can do to help business owners and marketers become more confident and effective in the efforts will, in turn, benefit everyone.

Google PrimerThis week, Google made it a whole lot easier for busy business owners and marketers to learn about digital marketing with the release of Google Primer.  A mobile app based learning environment that Google explains like this:

“When people succeed, Google succeeds. At our best, we help businesses of all sizes try new things and get more customers. But we also know it’s hard to get the knowledge you need to do innovative marketing. So we assembled a small team of our own marketers and challenged them to build a product they would use. The result is Primer.”

Gaining knowledge and good understanding of digital marketing is the first step in recognizing opportunity in a rapidly changing environment.  Without the basic understanding and knowledge of digital marketing, it’s next to impossible to feel confident enough to experiment with new tools and techniques that may give a business a competitive advantage.

The Primer app is available now on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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