Announcing our upcoming video interview with Brave Browser/Basic Attention Token

As a part of our ongoing exploration of MarTech, AdTech and digital media projects being built on the blockchain, we’ll be doing a live video interview with one of the projects that was quick out of the gate and has already been seeing commendable adoption by users.  As of the date of this post, Brave had just surpassed 2.2 million downloads and has been building a supportive community to drive user adoption.


A simple search for news about Brave will reveal that they’ve been working hard to establish partnerships among media publishers to grow that end of their ecosystem which includes publishers, users and advertisers.

The native token (cryptocurrency) used in the Brave Browser ecosystem is the Basic Attention Token.  Aptly named because user attention is the basic commodity of advertisers and publishers alike.

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You can visit and download the Brave Browser by going here or look for the Download Brave at the bottom of the page.