klout-for-business-tools-and-statisticsA few month ago, on my Digital Marketing Update blog, I posted an update about enhancements to Klout and the release of Klout for Business.  Since that blog post, Klout has continued to add valuable resources that would benefit just about every brand manager or social media manager.  However, in my conversations to peers in the social media world, it appears that Klout, as a resource and platform, still go largely undiscovered and under utilized.  This surprises me.

So, in the spirit of the upcoming holidays and the fact that the new year is closer than we realize, I wanted to revisit Klout and recommend that you add it to your resources toolbox in 2014.

In the update from a few months ago, Klout added a useful tool that allows you do see what social channels are the most active for the people and profiles that are most influential in your niche or topic.  This becomes handy when trying to determine what social channels you should focus on as a brand manager or brand community manager.  You can read all about this in the post on my Digital Marketing Update blog and the two part series I did about Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business.  This blog series was in direct response to a trending discussion on LinkedIn on the topic of determining the most valued social media channels for a business.

The news here is that Klout just announced that Klout for Business Insights feature that I cover in my blog series will be unavailable starting December 6 while it prepares for the upgraded version to be re-released in early 2014.  So if you’ve not used it yet, head over to Klout for Business now and take a look at it before it’s gone during the upgrade.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they release next and encourage you to add Klout to your marketing toolbox in 2014.  Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.