Lead Generation and Growth Consulting for Service Based Businesses

2020 has been a challenging year for many service based businesses.  In many cases, the normal ways of lead generation have been impossible.  For example, home service related businesses that would attend home improvement shows and other live events as part of their lead generation strategy have seen that source of leads dry up this year.  Lead and customer generation across the board has been difficult and consumers have gone online to search for services more now than in any time in the past.  Service based businesses that already had a proven online strategy in place for lead generation and customer acquisition were well positioned for the changes that in 2020.  Those that do not have a good online strategy, this year has been challenging to say the least

While we have always enjoyed our relationship with clients and working together to build or improve their online marketing. we recognized that for any business just getting started with online marketing or that had not put much focus on their online marketing are now way behind the curve and at a disadvantage.  For that reason we recognized that we also had to make some adjustments this year.

For many service based businesses, getting the leads and sales needed to keep the doors open has to take priority over any other forms of marketing right now.  That’s exactly what our lead generation and growth consulting service is designed to do.

Of course, there may be many places that a business could simply buy leads and hope for the best with cold leads or leads that have been sold to numerous other businesses, that’s where what we offer is unique.

We don’t simply provide you with leads, we provide you a source of exclusive leads as well as a tested and proven system to effectively follow up with those leads and turn them into appointments.

We generate the leads, the sales are up to you.

But with the tested frame works, processes and follow up automation tools included as a part of our service, not only will you have a quality source of “in-market” leads, your sales process and close rates are likely to see improvements as well by following the closed loop sales process.

When you participate in the service, leads and sales will be the only performance metrics you’ll need to think about.  We’ll take care of the campaigns and lead generation part as our team optimizes the campaigns to deliver leads at the best possible cost per lead.

Who is this Lead Generation and Growth Consulting Service For?

There are three main types of service areas where our team has the data and tested campaigns to generate leads.

  • Home Services
  • Legal Services
  • Health Services

For many services within each area, our team has tested and proven lead generation campaigns and have established benchmarks from campaigns run across the US.  In many cases, we already know what the typical cost per lead would be and based on campaign history, we’re able to offer guarantees on the cost per lead.  For other services within each area we can also create and run custom campaigns to arrive at benchmarks that may be unique to your business or business niche.

For tested service areas, our lead generation and growth consulting service is about as plug and play as we can make it and you’ll be receiving “in-market” leads within the first 30 days.  Custom campaigns for niche businesses follow a 90-day process geared to establish performance benchmarks and cost per lead metrics.

If you’re a service based business and you need quality leads for your business as well as a tested and proven framework for turning leads into appointments, give us a call or Click Here to schedule a call today to find out more or to discus your situation and how this service can help.