About 3 years ago I had a shift in the way I thought about “Digital Marketing” or how I defined it.  I realized that well planned digital marketing was most effective when it had a point.  But, for the most part, most digital marketing was just a loosely related collection of strategies that resulted in a lot of stuff being done but with no clear outcome in mind.  Going back to the days of internet marketing, we did a lot around driving traffic to websites or offers.  Those were simpler times when driving traffic was good enough.  But that’s not the case anymore.  In the days of internet 3-new-realities-of-local-retail_articles_lgmarketing, consumers didn’t have the options they have today.  If someone saw an offer and the offer was related to their interest, they either took action on the offer or they didn’t. In the early days of the internet, consumers didn’t have a lot of options to research a product or offer.  But this has certainly changed and so does the way we think about marketing in a digital space.

I began to think of digital marketing as a coordinated plan to create moments of engagement as potential consumers or customers consume content or move across the web.  It was leveraging digital channels to connect with these people as they begin their purchase journey from awareness to consideration to conversion.  This can begin as they do their top of funnel searches to solve a problem or even the ability to target ideal consumer segments that may not event be aware they have a problem that you can solve.

Mobile has made our purchase journey, as consumers, much easier and fluid.  Almost to the point that we don’t even recognize these “micro-moments”.  But, for marketers, this same process has made marketing much more complicated an nuanced.

In our last Google Partners Connect event, we take a closer look at how businesses and marketers can win in these Mico-Moments. If you were unable to join us for the live broadcast, you can watch the replay below.

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