LTR Digital Group will be participating in a 4 part seminar series designed to help business owners and marketing executives learn how to effectively Produce, Protect, Measure and Brand digital content.  If your company role includes understanding, developing, and executing digital strategies, I highly recommend you consider attending all of the sessions.  But, if you have schedule conflicts, you can pick and chose the event you are most interested in.   Interested?  You should be!  Check out the registration details here.

Space is limited, so don’t waste your timing thinking about it.  Act now!

What types of questions will be answered?  Good question!

How about:

  • How can you produce great content and tell the stories you need to?
  • How do you retain the rights to your trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property?
  • Is there analytical data you can access to help you make better marketing decisions?
  • Can understanding your traffic and online metrics guide you to better content production, navigation, and better brand decisions?
  • How do you extend your brand across all marketing channels?
  • Add your own digital questions…the expert panel will help guide you.

Who is on this expert panel you speak of?  Another good question!

  1. Scot Combs, CEO, 3rd Planet Media Group.  Scot’s presentation is titled, “Producing Digital Content – Video Messaging That Works”.
  2. Joe Beckman, Chair of Hellmuth & Johnson’s Business Law Practice.  Joe’s presentation is titled, “Protecting Your Digital Ass(ets)”.
  3. Dale Brose, Chief Sherpa, LTR Digital Group.  Dale’s presentation is titled, “Measuring Digital Content – Marketing Analytics for Insight”.
  4. Dan Wallace, President, Idea Food.  Dan’s presentation is titled, “The Physics of Brand – in Physical and Digital Space”.

Nearly all businesses now have a presence on the web, but only those which truly understand digital marketing and go beyond the basics of having an online presence will succeed.  It is not a matter of build it and they will come.  You truly need to implement effective strategies to be successful.  This seminar series will go beyond laying the groundwork for developing, or improving upon, your digital marketing strategies.

Interested?  You should be!

The seminar series will be held at the beautiful offices of Hellmuth $ Johnson at the corner of 169/494.  You can see all the details by registering here.  So you say your are a friend of the LTR Digital Group and you feel you should recieve an incentive for registering?  Well, I will tell you that the content presented should be incentive enough, but if you want more, shoot me a note or call the office at 952.943.3997.