Advantages of Using a Smaller Digital Agency

Your company can benefit from the focus provided by a smaller agency! As we end 2014, and head into 2015, I was reading a blog about the advantages and disadvantages of different sized digital marketing agencies.  I will admit that there are fair arguments on both sides of the equation.  Let's discuss the advantages using a [...]

Highlights from a Google Partner Event

Recently, the LTR Digital Group hosted a Google Partners event.  It was a live simulcast with experts from Google discussing how businesses should a variety of digital strategies and tactics to enhance their marketing efforts. I will admit that at LTR Digital, we do drink the Google lemonade, but we do it for good reasons.  Let's [...]

Improve your sales pipeline via social media

Recent surveys have shown the positive return on investment (ROI) of social media for sales teams. Our own data has shown that sales teams selling through their own personal social channels can outperform selling efforts through corporate-owned social channels by three times on LinkedIn and by 12 times on Twitter. What are the common trends [...]

Google makes big change by hiding Keyword Search Results

With the most resent change at Google, online marketing has really changed.  As reported by Search Engine Land, Google is encrypting all search engine activity.  Unless you have paid programs in place, determining the sources of keyword searches is now extremely difficult. Google confirmed with Search Engine Land the change  with the following statement: "We [...]

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