There really has not been a period of time over the past decade (or more) that the winds of change have not been blowing in Martech, Adtech and digital media.  But, the winds of change are gusting a bit harder these days due to the highly transformative technology known as Blockchain.

As discussed in the video below, business news is full of blockchain related announcements lately and, of course, the rising interest in cryptocurrencies captured the imagination of many in 2017.  Although the excitement over cryptocurrencies may have subsided for many, the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens has continued to charge full steam ahead and found it’s own spotlight.


(Please Note:  Audio kicks in a few moments into the video.  Apologies)
The expansion of projects based on concepts of decentralization and driven by blockchain in the Martech, Adtech and digital media space is rapidly increasing.  Their development ranges from early concept to products in Alpha or Beta testing phases to projects with live products that can be used today as they continue to iterate and add features.  Yes, we are at the early stage of marketing moving onto the blockchain.  But we also know how quickly technology can move.

Exploring marketing on the blockchain does require the understanding of where we are currently.  We cannot expect highly polished and complete products on day one.  But the promises that it could bring to marketing are badly needed and worth the wait and could impact brands, content creators, advertisers, agencies and content consumers.

We’ll begin to introduce some of these projects to you through a series of live video interviews we’ll do with project team members on our YouTube channel as well as posting the recorded interviews here on our blog.  These interviews will be focused on presenting information that would be important for marketing executives and agencies to understand about each project, what are the problems or inefficiencies they’re attempting to solve and how they’re applying blockchain and decentralization to find the solution.

It’s too early in this technology and transition to call winners and losers and we’re taking a non-biased approach to presenting each project.  Our intention is to simply inform and educate marketing executives and agency peers about these various projects and what they’re doing.  We’ll also focus on presenting projects that have arrived at a testing phase and working product and not the moonshots.

If you represent or are associated with a blockchain based project and feel that you would want to participate in these live video interviews, please contact us so we can review your project and discuss your participation in our video interview series.