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Despite what you may have heard, marketing your business is a science, not an art. Like any good science, it requires careful study and analysis. Instead of relying on hunches and whims to bring you marketing success, you need solid, quantifiable sales and marketing analytics.


KPIs and Analytics

  • Front and back-end website development

  • Site redesign for conversion optimization

  • Content management system focus in WordPress and Drupal

  • Mobile first design and cross-browser compatibility

  • Website management and maintenance solutions


We work with you to understand that there are several data sets we’re working with. These are KPIs and analytics.

Data Visualization

Every day, business owners get bombarded with large amounts of marketing data. Such data may be daunting, but it provides useful marketing information that helps to gain actionable insights for making better marketing decisions. This valuable information stresses the importance of being able to visualize data.

At LTR Digital, we build custom marketing dashboards that help you envision the story behind your data and make it easy to understand what is going on. These dashboards are simple yet powerful tools. The dynamic nature of the report ensures the data will always be up to date whenever needed. What’s more, to extract specific information you need, you can filter reports based on date, time, users, and other criteria. Most importantly, we will work with you to find which metrics drive business success and create a dashboard around those metrics. Understanding your marketing data has never been easier.


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“We have had the pleasure of working with LTR Digital Group during a time of exciting growth at our company. LTR has been able to provide incredible insight into the digital side of our business that has helped us find new opportunities and explore new ways of reaching our market. Not only has LTR been able to provide practical and valuable consultation to our organization, but their involvement has led directly to changes and improvements in our social media, outreach efforts and understanding of our business.”
Todd A., CEO, Twin Cities healthcare system

“I have finally been able to implement a digital strategy that works! Their depth of knowledge and ability to understand a clients business and marketing goals and match that with an effective digital strategy is what all marketing teams need. They understand how to use and analyze data to help ensure our goals are being met.”
Tim H. – President , Progress Coaching