5X More People Will Visit YouTube Today than Walmart!

I’m a big fan of Shark Tank and I rarely miss it.  Many times, the subject of retail exposure and the promise of POs come up and when a brand or product that makes it into a big box like Walmart it’s a pretty big deal for these young companies.  But did you know that getting exposure to a market that is massively larger than Walmart is very possible right now?  There will be 5X more people visiting YouTube today than Walmart!

It’s certainly not uncommon for mid-size or smaller businesses or brands to see TV advertising as beyond the reach of marketing budgets.  But the truth is that video presents an even greater opportunity to reach your desired market.  In fact, when using YouTube for video based marketing campaigns, advertisers have much greater control over audience targeting, campaign metrics and costs than broadcast TV or local cable could ever offer.

As a Google Partner Agency, LTR Digital hosts live events called Google Partner Connect.  These sessions are broadcast live and feature different presenters from Google and are a way for brand managers and advertisers learn to more about the different products at Google that can help you reach and connect with your desired market.  This allow advertisers to inform and influence their market along the entire purchase consideration journey.  From creating awareness and driving demand to the final conversion, we can help you effectively leverage a variety of Google products to create successful campaigns.

If you were unable to attend our last live event that featured a great deal of information about YouTube, you can watch the replay below.  Our live events usually have limited seating and we often give out some cool Google swag so be sure to get on our email list to be among the first to learn about the next live event in your area.