Your company can benefit from the focus provided by a smaller agency!

As we end 2014, and head into 2015, I was reading a blog about the advantages and disadvantages of different sized digital marketing agencies.  I will admit that there are fair arguments on both sides of the equation.  Let’s discuss the advantages using a smaller digital agency and what a smaller agency can bring to the table for companies looking to partner with a digital agency.


Flexibility:  While having a defined process is important, the ability to be nimble in today’s ever changing digital landscape is more important.  In a larger agency, your account is typically handled by a junior account manager that may not see the need to alter the course of a strategy due to the changing landscape.  By having a subject matter expert overseeing your account will allow for keeping the clients best interests ahead of the curve and therefore increasing effectiveness of the agencies efforts.

Innovation:  No two clients are exactly alike and what was predictable for one client may or may not be predictable for another.  By being on the cutting edge of what new tools/strategies are available to the clients benefit, and being close to the work being done, you have a much better perspective on helping the client be successful.  A junior account manager will be too tactic focused to be able to innovate and see the larger picture.

Cost Advantage:  The old adage of “you get what you pay for” actually applies here–just not in the way you may be thinking.  With a larger agency, you ARE paying for the infrastructure of the larger agency.  It has nothing to do with the expertise and the deliverables that a smaller agency can provide. The smaller agency just doesn’t make you pay for all added overhead!  A different old adage, “the buck stops here”, would be more appropriate with smaller agencies.

Multi-Channel Approach:  If a client is looking to connect with their potential customer base depending on if their are at the top-middle-bottom of the funnel, by providing a multi-channel approach to affect the buyer behavior, a smaller agency can stay uniquely tuned to the client’s KPIs and adjust accordingly.  Will a junior level person have the expertise to influence all parts of the funnel with various strategies in social, paid social, paid search, display, YouTube, etc. etc.?  Doubt it.  Being able to understand how to influence a client’s potential customer that is problem aware, or problem unaware takes a unique understanding of buyer behavior.

Data Analysis:  Reporting data is one thing, using the data to to make business decisions is another. Combining innovation at the digital level with effective multi-channel approaches to growing a client’s business along with sound business acumen is powerful combination that a junior account manager can not provide.  We can.

Consistency in the Relationship:  With larger agencies, you have to worry about the changing of the guard of account managers as turnover is more likely to happen.  You don’t have to worry about that with smaller agencies since you are typically building that relationship with the principles of the agency.

Should I go on?  I could, but won’t.  This blog entry is long enough!  Thanks for reading.  If you want to learn more about how we can help you with our focused approach, feel free to contact us.