Zuckerburg Appears Before Congress and GDPR Approaches Rapidly.

There was plenty of news to cover this week, but the biggest was Facebook’s appearance before Congress.  While this certainly put Facebook in the spotlight, it’s still too early to know or predict the long term impact on Facebook and other marketing channels like Google.  But it all boils down to one word….DATA.

You may not realize this, but there’s a good chance that your business has data about your website visitors and customers.  How businesses manage that data will be hot issue going forward.  The term used for that is data governance.  Do you have an email list of customers or newsletter subscribers?  Then you have data.

We’ll continue to watch developments that could be expected in the weeks and months ahead.  Perhaps even into next year.  But in the end, expect changes to come to Facebook and how marketing is conducted there.

This is due, in part to what’s going on in the US.  But we also need to consider what’s going on in the EU with the implementation of GDPR that’s due to go into effect on May 25th.  If you’re not familiar with GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) that covers the 28 countries of the EU, perhaps you should at least look into it and think about how it could impact your business.

Going back to the idea of an email list or data about customers.  Are any of them EU residents?  Are you sure about that?  Now is the time to be looking at these things.