It’s time again for another live Google Partners Connect event.  Our next live event will be on Wednesday May 13th.

PartnerBadge-HorizontalAs a Google Partner agency  in the Twin Cities, we host these live events and invite local business owners in to hear how they can grow their business with Google with topics and speakers directly from Google.

You’re sure to learn something new at these live events and, in the digital marketing world, even learning one or two things you competition has yet to discover can give you the advantage.  We usually have some Google swag to had out to those that take good notes on the information presented (hint).

One of the topics this month will be learning how to leverage digital to connect with potential customers at the “micro-moments” that guide a customer’s decision journey, and how businesses can use digital marketing to connect with those potential customers during the moments that matter most.

Seating is typically limited for these events so we encourage you to reserve your seat now!

Location for this event will be provided to everyone that has registered.