When it comes to Social Media, the companies we currently work with or ones that we are talking with about a potential engagement, understand the importance of what an effective social media policy and approach can mean to their business.  That’s the good news!  But, some still just view Social Media as a place where people share their lives on Facebook so others can “like” their life.  That’s the scary part for some businesses.

Trying to break down that stereotype can be a challenge, and those companies that have the belief that they can just look the other way and hope social media goes away or leave it to the Facebookers personal lives. But, I want to offer some ideas for those “late social media bloomers” to consider–areas where it can help their business.

Content Marketing:  Social is more than Facebook.  There are a plethora of social channels out there.  A company just needs to understand where their future customers might “hang out” and use the right kind of content in order to engage with their audience.  That content can be created in a variety of forms.  Bottom line, build your audience, engage with your audience, give them a reason to keep coming back and you will build your brand and increase your sales as a result.

Customer Service:  Customers will use social to express their thoughts about a product or service, often times directly with the company via a social channel.  Being absent from that conversation tells everyone else that views that channel that the company does not care or is indifferent.  It is a tremendous opportunity to be present, and engaging.  Have policies in place in order to effectively manage potential negative responses via social.  This is not rocket science–just common sense.

Marketing:  Social can be one of the best vehicles to show your product in use, by your own customers! There is tremendous power in a potential customer seeing your product in action.  Also, utilize it for new product/service introductions.  Use it to position your company as subject matter experts in their market.  Use to provide valuable, usable information for your audience.  With the right strategy, it works to your advantage.  But, remember, it is not always about you, it is about your audience.  What do they want? Understand your buyer personas and build around it.

Analytics:  The great thing in today’s world, you can track everything.  You can follow sentiment of the market, tap feedback on what you are doing as a brand, spot individuals interested in buying, and understand the value of content that can go viral, build social lead flows, test other marketing messages, etc.  Understand what your goals and KPIs are and you will know if what you are doing is going down the right path.

Look, I didn’t go deep into each of the areas above, just scratched the surface on the ideas, and this post does not include all the strategies and ideas around an effective social media program.

If you are an executive, which are you, the one on the beach with your head in the sand, or the one that is basking in the sun and engaging with those around you?

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