It’s Time To Realign Your Marketing Approach

One of the most costly counter-productive things a business can do is to start rolling out individual marketing tactics without a strong strategic foundation and appropriate goals in place. Social Media, blogging, website design, paid digital media and email marketing … if you don’t combine these individual tactics into a cohesive marketing effort and fuel it with the right marketing strategy, your business is going to have a hard time moving the needle and getting the leads it needs.  Worse yet, your prospects may be end up confused by a bad user experience.

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The first step in realigning your marketing approach and establishing a strategic marketing objective for your business is taking the time to really understand your buyer personas. We say “buyer persona” and not “target market” because, contrary to popular belief, people do business with people, not companies or demographics.

That’s why it’s so important that you get to know your perfect buyer as a real live person before you build a plan to draw others like them to your door.  Picture your client. Think of what makes them the perfect match for your business. Describe them in as much detail as possible. Think of how you talk with them, how you sell to them. Now name them. Say hello to your target buyer persona.

What Are The Pains Your Potential Buyers Are Dealing With?

Now that you have identified the avatar that will help inform your strategy, you’re ready to start uncovering the key issues your buyers face – the pains and problems that lead to seeking out your products or services. If you understand what pains people have and offer a compelling solution, it makes it a lot easier to get them to do business with your company. They feel connected to you and trust that you understand their specific challenges.  Your content speaks to them and not to a nameless and faceless target market.

Once you understand the pains of your buyers, start matching your company’s content to each specific pain and their path to purchase. This helps you identify which products and services really matter and have a meaningful impact on people’s purchasing decisions. Believe it or not, a lot of companies spend a lot of time, money and energy promoting services that their buyers just don’t care about. This creates more noise in the conversation and probably won’t help drive sales.  In fact, it mostly goes ignored, no matter how much you spent on it.

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Now, the challenge is that each target buyer probably has many pains and some pains are greater than others. Once you’ve established a solution to each pain, you can start to prioritize and rank them in order of importance. At this point, it’s critical to avoid imposing your own point of view. Try to put yourself in your buyer persona’s shoes. If you’re having trouble, talk to your sales team. Ask them to record and relate some of the most common issues they hear your prospects mention or complain about.

Then, using your most important buyer persona pains and solutions, you’re ready to start creating the sort of content that connects directly with your buyer personas. Speak to these pains and solutions as you create everything from blog topics and social media posts to whitepapers and website designs and you’ll start to see results almost immediately.

Doing all of this within an Inbound Marketing platform will allow you to learn which content converts and soon begin to identify buying signals.  In the end, becoming a more effective marketer.

Would you like to learn how to define the strategies that would be most effective for your business?  Feel free to contact LTR Digital Group -> Your Leads To Revenue trusted digital partner.