Lead Magnets for Lead Generation

Lead Magnets Defined If you are picturing a U shaped magnet, well, metaphorically, you are correct! Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, utilizing Lead Magnets can help you fill your sales funnel. Think Inbound Marketing. A magnet--pulling in customers. A great organization called Digital Marketer defines a Lead Magnet as "an irresistible bribe [...]

Modern Marketing Seminar Series

LTR Digital Group will be participating in a 4 part seminar series designed to help business owners and marketing executives learn how to effectively Produce, Protect, Measure and Brand digital content.  If your company role includes understanding, developing, and executing digital strategies, I highly recommend you consider attending all of the sessions.  But, if you [...]

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Is Marketing Automation Right For Your Business??

There is a lot of talk about marketing automation.  It is not for every business, but will it really make your life easier? First, in case you aren’t familiar with marketing automation — it allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing efforts, to become more efficient and hit their sales goals. Now, how does it apply to [...]

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How Do You Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategies in 2015 If you are responsible for the digital marketing strategies for your company, how do you decide what strategies make the most sense so you can get the best ROI on your marketing investment?  Well, on the surface, it can seem daunting, but if you take a step back, and look [...]

Should My Business Use Facebook for Marketing?

Who will really see my post on my business fan page in Facebook? I don't want to get into the technicalities of Facebook's algorithm.  If you were to read some of the comments on various blogs on the subject, you will see various opinions.  So let's stay high level with some generally accepted figures.  In [...]

Advantages of Using a Smaller Digital Agency

Your company can benefit from the focus provided by a smaller agency! As we end 2014, and head into 2015, I was reading a blog about the advantages and disadvantages of different sized digital marketing agencies.  I will admit that there are fair arguments on both sides of the equation.  Let's discuss the advantages using a [...]

Why you need to sell to the Invisible Buyer

Tips for changing a prospecting culture As I mentioned, I have been reading a book by Todd Martin called The Invisible Sale.  It is a study/guide on how to "sell" to today's busy, self-educated buyer.  I want to share some thoughts I have gleaned as I continue to read through this book that discusses how [...]

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Highlights from a Google Partner Event

Recently, the LTR Digital Group hosted a Google Partners event.  It was a live simulcast with experts from Google discussing how businesses should a variety of digital strategies and tactics to enhance their marketing efforts. I will admit that at LTR Digital, we do drink the Google lemonade, but we do it for good reasons.  Let's [...]

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